Phone Coaching for Business Model Generation with CANVAS and Clean Language

the-magic-of-clean-language_business_model_generation_geschäftsmodell_entwicklung_wendy_sullivan_hans-peter_wellkeClean Language & Symbolic Modelling feels magic, even for Business Model Generation – coaching by phone

Working business models are needed by established companies and by newly set up departments within them, as well as by start-ups. In general terms, the point of business model generation is to find or anticipate anything that is missing or doesn’t work, and to do so as early as possible, and then to determine what changes are needed for the business to function well. Start-ups need to generate an entire business model, and established businesses may choose to replace their model from time to time too, but will often focus instead on updating their current model. Weiterlesen

Geschäftsmodellentwicklung mit CANVAS & Clean Language

Geschäftsmodell-Geschäftsmodellentwicklung-Business Model Generation - Clean Language DeutschWie bringe ich mein Geschäftsmodell zum Laufen? – Entwicklung von funktionierenden Geschäftsmodellen

Das Buch Business Model Generation von Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur ist ein sehr praxisnahes Buch, welches dabei unterstützt, sein eigenes Business Modell (Geschäftsmodell) zu generieren. Das gilt für Geschäftsmodelle innerhalb von Unternehmen, wie etwa einer Abteilung oder eines Teams genauso wie für Unternehmensgründungen. Weiterlesen

High Impact Coaching With Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling

Coaching with clean language creates new solutions (Recommendation)

phone coaching using clean language_telefonisches Coaching mit Clean LanguageHans-Peter gave me clean language sessions, and using symbolic modeling he enabled me to discover my motivation to achieve what I wanted in my emotional life and my relationships and in my career.

It accesses a part of my brain that I never knew existed, Weiterlesen